When Should You Deep Clean your Home?

Cleaning your home is a time-consuming task. You may think that a quick clean each day is enough, but the truth is that every home needs a deep clean. But, how often should you have your home deep cleaned? Ideally, this should be done every six months. Below we explore each room in the house and its cleaning needs.


Your microwave should be cleaned at least once a week, while your refrigerator should be cleaned thoroughly once a month. Spills and splashes of food should be removed from the oven after cooking, but it will need a deep clean every six months. This is also the ideal time to clean skirting boards, behind white goods and have your floor steam cleaned.


The bathroom should be thoroughly cleaned once a week. This is because this wet and damp environment is more susceptible to the formation of mould, mildew and fungal growth. The toilet, bathtub, shower and any mats should be cleaned. Every six months the bathroom should have a thorough deep clean, steam cleaning tiles, washing the showerhead and scrubbing every single surface.


The bedroom should be vacuumed and dusted at least once a week, including washing the bedsheets. We spend a lot of our lives in bed, and this leads to the accumulation of dead skin cells and dust. Again, the bedroom will need a thorough deep clean every six months, which includes steam cleaning the mattress.

Living room

The living room should be dusted and hoovered every week. This should involve moving any furniture to gain access to all the floor space. Then twice a year the room will need a deep clean. This will involve steam cleaning curtains and carpets, wiping down all woodwork and skirting boards and washing all windows.

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