4 reasons garden upkeep is essential

When time is short, the garden is often the thing that gets overlooked when tending to our homes, particularly in the winter months. But without regular upkeep, gardens can quickly fall into difficulty. Here are 4 reasons you should tend to your garden all year round.

Little jobs quickly turn into big issues

Avoiding those smaller garden tasks can mean bigger issues to contend with in the long run. An example of this is avoiding the clear out of your garden in the autumn time once your plants have died back. By clearing the garden in a timely manner, you can reduce the chances of disease spreading through old leaves which can remain a threat to your new spring shoots the following year.

Add value to your property

A well-maintained garden is a big tick in the estate agent’s box. Even if you’re not thinking of selling any time soon, continually tending to the garden ensures you are keeping your grounds in tip-top condition so if the time does come to sell your home, it’s not a big (and expensive) undertaking to get the garden up to scratch.

A tidy garden for a healthy mind

The ability to look out over a well-cared-for garden can do wonders for your mental well-being. Even in the winter months, if you have a room in your home that looks out onto the garden, you can enjoy a cuppa whilst looking at the wildlife and greenery in your outdoor space, giving you valuable time away from screens.

Help the wildlife

British wildlife needs all the help it can get. By spending a little time on your garden all year round, you can create a space where wildlife can flourish. Add and look after flowers in lots of varieties that bloom from spring through to autumn to provide food for insects for as long as possible each year. Maintain a compost heap to create a habitat for creepy crawlies as well as frogs and ensure gaps between fences are monitored and kept clear to avoid any larger wildlife becoming stuck (e.g. hedgehogs).

If you need a little help keeping your garden neat, tidy and safe for all, we are on hand to provide garden maintenance that will keep your outdoor space in tip-top condition. Get a free quote today or call us on .

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