Germ Hotspots in the Workplace

It’s well known that a bright, clean workplace inspires the staff and is inviting to visitors. But what if this apparently clean workplace was harbouring germ and disease hotspots?

Suddenly it’s not quite so appealing.

Unfortunately, most workplaces do have such hotspots and it’s not uncommon for colds, viruses and bacteria spread throughout the office.

So where are they, and how can they be avoided?

As you would expect hotspots are ‘high traffic’ areas such as your desk, keyboard and mouse, door handles, photocopier, fridge and of more concern, your mug,


Some statistics show that work desks have more germs on them than a toilet seat. This goes for the phone, mouse and keyboard as well.

Now imagine these germs if you share a desk with someone else or your hot desk.

This hot-spot is easily eliminated by a clean with an anti-bacterial wipe or spray on a tissue.

Other simple things like throwing away food packages, tissues and other rubbish will also help to keep your desk tidy and germ-free.

Keyboards can be cleaned using an air duster, which blasts air under the keys removing – what for you will be a surprising number of crumbs.

Regular use of anti-microbial hand gel could also ensure your desk remains germ-free – especially if you (or others) have a cold!


At home, you wouldn’t dream of drinking tea consistently from the same mug, “giving it a rinse” in-between uses. So why do people do this in the office?

If you have a dishwasher at work use it, if not, wash your mug up every evening before you go home so it is clean and ready for use the next day.

The same goes for water bottles. These should also be washed on a daily basis and not just refilled day after day.

Door Handles

Door handles are the most touched things in the office and despite continued warnings, not everyone washes their hands after using the toilet. This bacteria then get onto door handles, which is transferred to the next person who opens the door, who then transfers it to their desk, the fridge or their lunch.

Try to avoid touching door handles with your hands and instead use your elbows, tissue or sleeve.


The office photocopier, like door handles, is a high traffic area with everyone touching the same buttons transferring amongst other things, cold and flu bacteria.

After using the photocopier it is a good idea to sanitise your hands with anti-microbial gel especially if you are about to eat.

In fact, using hand sanitiser after touching anything communal in the office will help to keep you germ-free and healthy.

If you are still concerned that your workplace is not the clean and hygienic place you aspire to why not speak to someone at Swift Services who can discuss office clean needs.

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