Essential Property Maintenance Tasks for Spring

To keep your property in optimal condition, you need to carry out regular maintenance.

Spring is the perfect season for conducting property maintenance as it offers warm temperatures and allows you to prepare your property ahead of the upcoming summer. Here is a list of essential property maintenance tasks for spring that will keep your property in its best condition:

Boost the vegetation around your property

Blooming flowers and healthy plants can transform your property. Prune flowering plants since they will start budding immediately, and for added aesthetics, spring is a great time to plant some perennials. Allow fresh air into your property by trimming any shrubs to keep a respectable distance between vegetation and your property’s foundations.

Check and clean the gutters

Clogged gutters are the primary causes of severe gutter damage and water infiltration. Summer happens to be the season with most rainfall and correcting any problems in your gutter will help pour run off away from your property.

Repair damaged window and door screens

Patching any holes in your door and window screens will prevent bugs from getting into your property. You can also upgrade the functionality of your window and door screens by replacing broken hardware, lubricating door hinges, and ensuring that the screens are securely fixed.

Check the exterior of your property

Having gone through winter, your property’s exterior is likely to have chipped paint and damaged siding. You can also check for damage on exterior vents and wiring because animals such as rats may seek shelter near your apartment during cold seasons.

To keep your property in tip-top condition, consider having the tasks done by professionals.

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