3 signs that your carpet needs to be professionally cleaned

Many people who own their own home stick to cleaning their carpet with a vacuum. While this is perfectly fine most of the time, it will not tackle the wear and tear which regular use brings. Employing a professional carpet cleaning service is the perfect way to overcome this and make your carpets look like new once more.

But when exactly is it time to get your carpet professionally cleaned?

Your carpet looks shabby or tired

Very often, this is the major sign that you are due a professional clean. The simple fact is that standard hoovers do not have the power or features to clean really deep down. This is why your carpets can look worn over time and not at their best. A professional clean will have them looking brand new again as it will remove all the dirt, dust and debris that have built up.

Pets and children have made their mark

One other major sign that your carpet needs a proper clean is the presence of animals or kids in your home. These can both often leave a trail of stains and spillages behind them which are impossible to get out properly with a normal vacuum cleaner. If you have stained areas of your carpet which you just cannot shift, you need a professional clean.

Bad smells and allergies

If you find your carpet smells even after normal hoovering, then you need to call in the experts. Odours can become trapped deep down in carpet fibres which is what produces the bad smells you can’t get rid off. Pets are once again a big cause of this especially after a few ‘accidents’! If you find yourself sneezing a lot in your home or your allergies are flaring up, this can also be a sign that a pro-clean is required. Dust and mites can build up in carpets to cause allergic reactions – a professional clean helps to remove them.

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